Stadium, Epidaurus

This studium was used for the athelic contest during the Asklepieia, a festival dedicated to Asklepius.

Stadium of Epidaurus

Stadium of Epidaurus

The field and seats were constructed taking advantage of the natural cavity of the terrain.

Stadium of Epidaurus

Stadium of Epidaurus

The contests were attested already in the early 5th century BC and probably held here, but the construction of the stadion dates back probably to the 4th century BC.

The length of track is ca.180 m and the width is ca. 21.5 m.

This stadium is connected to the neighbouring Gymnasion (or Palaistra) by a vaulted passage which seems to be constructed in the Hellenistic period.

There is a curious record of female running contest held here in AD 45 in which Dionysia of Tralles won.


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