Pythagorio, Samos

Pithagorio is situated at the site of ancient capital of Samos.

View of Pythagorio

View of the seaside of Pythagorio

The town was used to be called Tigáni, but was renamed Pithagorio in 1955 in honour of the famous mathematician who was born in this island. The present Pithagorio is a touristic centre with small port.

Ancient Column

Ancient Column

The small archaeological museum of Pithagorio is nothing more than a large room. The photo above is one of the capitals arranged in front of the museum (it was prohibited to take pictures inside). A new and probably larger museum is planned in another place. In and arount the town, there are several archaeologica excavations, like Roman villa and paleochristian basilica, Roman bath with paleochristian baptismal fountain, temples, etc.

Near Pithagorio is also the Tunnel of Eupalinos, completed in 524 BCE under the tyrant Polykrates.

The speed boats to Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos and Kos leave from Pythagorio and not from Vathy.

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