Ermoupoli, Syros

Ermoupoli is the capital and the main port of Syros.


View of Ermoupoli from Ano Syros

In Antiquity, there was a settlement called Syria, but we know very little how it was like. There is no visible trace of ancient ruins.

In Byzantine period and Middle Ages, the inhabitants moved toward a hill (today’s Ano Syros) in fear of pirates, and it had been the main settlement of the island until 19th century.

Ermoupoli was founded by the refugees and immigrants from Chios and Psara during the War of Independence.

The scenery of Ermoupoli is characterized by gorgeous 19th century buildings.

The centre of Ermoupoli, Miaoulis Square, is one of the most beautiful and ‘European’ square in Cyclades.

Miaoulis Square, Ermoupoli

Miaoulis Square, Ermoupoli

The imposing Town Hall was built between 1876 and 1891, first by Ernst Ziller and continued later based on his planning.

Town Hall, Ermoupoli

Town Hall, Ermoupoli

Just behind the Square is the Apollo Theatre, first opened in 1864. Lastly restored and reopened in 2000.

Apollo Theatre, Ermoupoli

Apollo Theatre, Ermoupoli

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