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Tsabou Beach, Samos

Tsabou beach is situated ca. 2 km west from Tsamadou.

Tsabou Beach, Samos

Tsabou Beach, Samos

Different from Tsamadou, you can go down to the beach by car.

As this beach tends to suffer from strong wind, it is wise to avoid it if it seems windy. This (right) is the eastern criff of Tsabou; you see the trees do not grow upright because of the wind.

Tsabou, Samos

Tsabou, Samos

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Welcome to the Gate to Greece

Welcome to to the Gate to Greece website.

This is a collection of the photos I took in Greece, accompanied by some historical and practical information.

I hope this website to be a Gateway to Greece for whomever wish to visit and explore this country.

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