Castle of Logothetis, Pythagorio, Samos

The castle of Logothetis (the construction is quite extensive as you see in the photo below) is situated on the western cliff of Pithagorio. Constructed in 1824, according to Barber’s guidebook (the bibliography below).

Castle of Logothetis

Castle of Logothetis in Pythagorio, Samos

The construction date seems, however, dubious. If this was really constructed in 1824, it was when Lykoúrgos Logothétis defended Samos during the war of Independence (Samos joined the War of Independence in 1821). The building seems too solid to have been constructed during such a period of confusion. 

Castle of Logothetis

Castle of Logothetis, seen from behind

Castle of Logothetis

The stairs leading to the castle

View toward Potokaki

View from the cliff near the Castle of Logothetis

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