Beaches of Sounio

Information for those who want to swin in Sounio.

Beach of Sounio

Beach of Sounio

From the hight of Cape Sounio, you can see two possibilities; one is to the East, a small natural beach without facilities, and the other is to the West, a large beach with every convenience. The larger beach seems rather far for those who don’t have car. The smaller beach is reachable through a path in 15 min. and its free, but there is no parasol or shower.

Beach of Sounio

Beach of Sounio

This small unorganized beach is known to be favoured by nudists. When we went, I saw an very dark and skinny old man swimming without any piece of cloths.

Below is the organized beach seen from the Cape.

Beach, Sounio

Organized Beach, Sounio


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