Archaeological Museum of Vathy, Samos

The Archaeological Museum of Vathý houses many precious findings from Samos, including sculptures, ceramics, inscriptions and so on. Especially important are the sculptures from the Heraion.

This museum has two separate buildings. Although the more important is the first building (that you cannot miss, as there is ticket office here), don’t forget to visit the second.

Colossal Kouros of Samos

Colossal Kouros from Heraion

The gigantic kouros (youth) statue is almost as tall as 5 metres. The material is white marble with grey vein from Samos. The body and the head were found respectively in 1980 and 1984 in the Heraion. It stood probably on a side of the sacred road.

The inscription on one of the thighs says “Isches anetheken o Resios”, meaning Isches the Resian put (this). “Resios (Resian)” can indicate his place of origin, or his tribe.

The statue was probably made between 580 and 560 BCE. Gigantic kouroi were made only in the earlier period, and later ones are of life-size or slightly larger.

Statue group from Heraion

Statue group from Heraion

These archaic sculptures from the Heraion are called “Geneleos Group”, from the name of the sculptor. They were made between ca. 560 and 540 BCE, slightly later than the gigantic Kouros above. The group was originally composed of five female (korai) and one male figure, of which two female and one male figures are in the Samos Archaeological Museum, and one female, called Ornithé, is in the Antikemuseen of Berlin.


Statues in the second bulidng

These are the statues housed in the second building. The collection of the museum covers up to the early Byzantine period.

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