Amphiaraion, Attica

Amphiaraion, on the northern coast of Attika facing Evvia (Euboia) island, was a sanctuary dedicated to a hero called Amphiaraos who was believed to deliver oracles and cure.


Ruins of Amphiaraion

Amphiaraos was a hero from Argos and one of the “Seven against Thebes” (who attacked Thebes in a mythical/legendary war between the two sons of king Oedipus). On his way back to Argos, defeated Amphiaraos was swallowed into the earth together with this chariot.

The Oropians took up his cult and developped a cult center at this place where there was already a healing spa. Those who wished for oracles should sacrifice a ram and pass one night in stoa wrapped him/herseilf in the pelt from the sacrificed animal so that the oracle was to given in his/her sleep. Those who were suffering from illness wished for the cure in their sleep as well as took advantage of the healing spa.

The Enkoimiterion in the photo above is the stoa where the people slept seeking for oracle and cure.


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